WowDeals Frequently Asked Questions

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When ordering services or products online, companies and stores often provide special online coupon or promo codes for discounts you can apply to your purchase during checkout. Look for an input box labeled “coupon code”, “discount code”, or another variation, and paste or type the code you found on Offers.com in the text field.

With product deals and other types of Offers, you don’t need a coupon code. All you have to do is click on the “Get Deal” or “Get Offer” button, and the discount will be automatically applied to your purchase upon checkout.

There are two ways you can update your email settings or unsubscribe from our emails entirely:

To unsubscribe via email: Scroll down to the bottom of one of our emails, and click the “safely unsubscribe” link to view all of your email subscriptions. If you want to unsubscribe from all Offers.com emails, click the “Unsubscribe from All” link. Your request will process automatically.

To unsubscribe through your account: Sign into your account, go to the Settings page, and scroll down to the Email Settings section at the bottom. There, you’ll be able to choose how often you want to receive emails by selecting one of two options:

  • Daily. Select this option to receive Today’s Best Offers and alerts via email each day.
  • Never. Select this option to unsubscribe from all Offers.com emails entirely.


Every Offer we feature on our site has to pass through our thorough testing process. Once an Offer has been verified, rated, and approved, it will show up on our site.